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Time and again people ask us how to donate to #postmarketOS. Now the paper work is done, you can have at it. This and more in the new post:

@PINE64 was first to use that new infrastructure to donate $10 for every sold PinePhone postmarketOS CE edition.

Huge thanks to PINE64 and to YOU if you bought one of them!

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Remember: orders for the #PinePhone KDE Community edition open tomorrow at around midday UTC. Don't miss ordering yours!


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Thank you @dylanvanassche for improving the reliability of receiving SMS and calls on the #pinephone running #postmarketOS during suspend/sleep!

These improvements were merged into the 'edge' postmarketOS branch a few hours ago, and are available now for those running 'edge'!

Aaannnndddd I'm back! Sorry, my Mastodon was down for a while. Hard drive failure with my backup system not yet properly setup meant I had to redo my whole server.
Mastodon especially was being pricky but after RTFM I'm back!


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