@jwkicklighter @kde Server isn't, which is the part I'm talking about. And it doesn't federate either, so no chance to implement your own server.

@kde Good decision, that deserves some respect.
I wish KDE (contributors) took this stance with Telegram as well. Lots of KDE projects and devs use it, but it's a proprietary and walled garden that shouldn't be used.

@kde Really cool! Especially the "Big screen games" part, will it be controllable with a controller? I can image using this to turn any PC into a gaming console like Steam Big Picture promised

@matrix Huh, what about the Ruma stuff? Haven't they've been making an SDK for Rust since forever?

@carl Well personally I'd hope updating to latest Qt (5.14). Right now their compositor uses some private Qt API's which have been removed in 5.11, and every newer Qt version will be harder to port too because of it.

Nemo Mobile has been updating itself from Qt 5.6 to Qt 5.12 and working on PinePhone support. Soon you can read more about it on their new website!


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This person has a point.

"I reduced global emissions by an estimated 59000 kg CO2 per month by removing a 20 kB JavaScript dependency in Mailchimp for WordPress."


#CO2 #greenhousegas

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We are happy to resume the Plasma Mobile by @kde updates series.

This time, new applications, working rotation, performance improvements and several application updates.

Read more at: plasma-mobile.org/2020/03/13/P

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#introductions : Hello Fosstodon!

Plasma Mobile is an open-source user interface for phones from @kde Community.

We will use this account to share updates, and stay in touch with our community!

@keithzg Yes, just Latte Dock with numix-icon-circle as icon theme

NymphCast, an open-source alternative to Chromecast you can run on your Raspberry Pi


@qrsbrwn @hannibal_foss Well that's a different issue entirely, but I think like 2 or 3? You can get every client with E2E if you use Pentalaimon though github.com/matrix-org/pantalai

Running Android apps on my laptop using . I feel dirty now.

Coming soon on a postmarketOS phone near you!

@hannibal_foss What? No, not at all. There are tons of third-party clients available for Matrix.

Besides, I think that quote is mainly talking about being able to bridge Matrix with a lot of things.

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