For my #debconf22 talk I've hacked up the great pdf-presenter-console to fit the phone screen and show my notes so I can see what's currently on the LCD for the audience:

#phosh #linux #mobile #librem5

@agx wow! Super exciting ! Just for fun or do you see a particular niche in the #marketplace?

@Fu My goal is to work towards being able to leave the laptop at home more often. If it has "market value" remains to be seen. I do think that "PC in your pocket" is a great differentiator for the #librem5 and other linux mobile devices that is often overlooked.

@agx I mean I know I'm an #rms fan boy, but even for open source folks this is clearly GNU/Linux phone, as we have had Android/Linux phones for over a decade now


@Fu @agx His phone OS is, but there is also which I wouldn't call GNU (being based on and and ) but also isn't Android.

@bart @Fu @agx

If "NGNU" works for #postmarketos and #alpinelinux we could simply call them "[N]GNU/Linux phones", problem solved once and for all ;)

time to go to sleep 🛌

@devrtz @Fu @agx That sounds even worse than GNU/Linux does, so imo not 🙈 Never been a fan of it anyway, I get what people using that name are trying to do but it just sounds horrific.

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