NGI0's Eric Velleman is installed today as professor of Digital Design & Engineering at HAN University today:

Congratulations! The ceremony has some good talks and can be attended remotely with subtitles in English (!). Warmly recommended!

@bart @NGIZero

ah, I see. It's like KFC, the letters are meant to stand on their own now rather than point to some other, former, descriptive meaning

"Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen"


@idlestate @NGIZero Personally I still see it as a shortened version of the full name, but yeah I believe they do tend to brand it as a standalone meaning nowadays.

But I'm old fashioned, I still prefer calling the IT department the "ICA" rather than it's new "AIM" name 💁

@bart @NGIZero

I thought it probably was not a reference to an Asian ethnic group but figured it wouldn't hurt to check to be clear

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