@bart If you could tell us something about the battery life in a few days I would appeciate it.

@bart Looks like they tried to make it like android... but with desktop frameworks.
Looks tidy btw.

@projjalm Is this the first time you're seeing Plasma Mobile? 🤔

@bart This is GREAT, thank you for making this possible. I always wanted a shift device but my favourite custom rom isn't supported yet. But if Linux is running on it, that might be a game changer.

@realsimon Wait, your favourite custom Android rom is not LineageOS? 😱

@realsimon Ah I personally don't see any benefit in that rom over bare LineageOS or even AOSP, but it seems to be popular

@bart It's mostly their cloud services, I guess. You could replicate all of the /e/ features in another rom, of course, but /e/ does it for you which makes it almost idiot proof.

I can't wait until mobile linux is idiot proof.
Tell me, is postmaketOS for the shift6mq already "stable" and usable? 🤔

@realsimon There is no audio yet and it has trouble waking up the modem from suspend, so no. But once that is fixed, it should be quite usable. Definitely not the same quality as Android yet though, you have to manage your expectations 😉

@bart love the concept, but that phone is expensive... To be truly free, at least it should run smoothly on refurbished cheap machines, to recycle. That's my vision.

@josegustavomartins Not sure what being free has to do with the hardware it runs on.

I agree we have to make sure we can run on cheaper devices (which we can!), but does that mean we should just never support more powerful and expensive devices?

At least the SHIFTphone is being made with the environment and ethics in mind, sourcing their materials from ethic sources and trying to make the phone industry better for the world.

@bart I'd start the other way around. Start with the cheaper older models, leave the brand new and expensive for last. Having full support for only expensive and newer...

@josegustavomartins We don't only support more expensive and powerful devices though, I'm not sure where you get that idea from. We run just as well on cheaper devices like the PinePhone

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