@bart a friend of mine as a shift phone and he has many issue with it. @samsumas

@carlschwan @samsumas 😱 Well I don't intend to run Android on it, maybe that helps. Full disclosure, I received this device for free to help getting running well on it, I can't wait to see how flies on it.

@bart @carlschwan Please keep me updated how well it works on postmarket os or plasmamobile! I have to say i am not 100% satisfied with the shipped shift os (based on android 8.0) that has all kind of funny bugs...

@bart @carlschwan @samsumas Wow that's cool to know. I looked into Shiftphone before I discovered Linux phones and bought a librem5 and pinephone. I would defenitely appreciate another alternative. Although I guess after your port it will still be nothing like a true linux phone.

@bart @carlschwan @samsumas A I thought that the port will probably have an old kernel and one can not just simply flash something from the sd card using jumpdrive?
Not ment to insult you or your work - I appreciate this a lot.

@dukethereal @carlschwan @samsumas Well I didn't make our original port, @calebccff did, but you're very much mistaken. It runs proper mainline with a lot already working. I wouldn't be interested if it didn't run mainline.

It does not boot from sd card though, you're right about that. But I'm not sure why that would make it a "proper" Linux phone

@bart @dukethereal@mastodon.xyz @carlschwan @samsumas we @postmarketOS devs are pretty excited to get all the SHIFT6mq patches upstream, initial support is landing in 5.18 and it's shaping up to be a pretty great option for the Linux phone enthusiast. An ethical manufacturing process and a sustainable FOSS oriented vendor, you can't really ask for more :p

@bart @carlschwan @samsumas @calebccff Wow cool another mainline linux phone - that's great. It's ofc not about the sd card, it's more about the feeling I have to simply can flash any OS on it not having to go through android stuff.

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