Did you notice that rather than on PC where you download a generic image which you can just live boot from USB, on ARM every distro needs to support every device individually? It's not just lacking mainline Linux support, it's also lacking a generic way to boot these devices like x86 has. can solve this perfectly by implementing UEFI on a dedicated chip but current new @PINE64 devices are lacking this. Let's get loud to make them add this again in new devices!

Flashing so-called "platform firmware" which implements , like u-boot, to this would allow the user to boot generic UEFI images not made specifically for the device in question. Finally you'd be able to properly live-boot a distribution through e.g. sdcards, USB sticks, etc. And you no longer have to wonder if your distro supports your particular device, you just have to download their generic UEFI image!


Modules like are really important to achieve the goal we've set at : device support for 10 years and more. Once a device is fully mainlined and can boot using a generic image we no longer have to put any effort in supporting this particular device. Everything will "just work". Just like no distro put any effort in making it boot with my particular desktop and laptop.

Luckily the awesome samueld from has made a project called -Boot:

It does exactly this: provide "platform firmware" for devices that implements allowing you to boot generic UEFI ARM image. Myself and @martijnbraam are going to make postmarketOS support this kind of booting and I hope we can make this mandatory for every device that uses u-boot to boot. And I need _you_ to tell other distros to support this method of booting as well!

Because be honest, who doesn't want to see GRUB booting on your phone allowing you to choose from a multitude of installed distributions? 😉

As a proof-of-concept, changing 3 lines made our pmOS image "just work" using tow-boot!

We're ready for on the @Pine64, just waiting for you ;)

I read the web page you linked in your first toot. Not being very technical, I'm not sure about the status of the original Pinephone: is it possible to have SPI flash support it, or is it too late?

@normandc It's a piece of hardware. You can't just add it to already shipped devices ;)

@bart thanks.
in my defence, I did say I'm not very technical. ;-)


OMG, I have been *wishing* for the ability to multiboot my phone so desperately! It would be so amazing to have the 3-4 most interesting OS's all installed on my #PinePhonePro, and just boot in and update occasionally without having to reinstall and set up each from scratch every. single. time. there's a new release. It would definitely make me use that distro more.

Hoping @ManjaroARM @ubports @ArchLinux_Community and @sailfishosnews@mastodon.sociall incorporate this like #PostMarketOS ASAP!


@Blort @ManjaroARM @ubports @ArchLinux_Community Thanks for your excitement! 😄 Quick note as it bothers the hell out of me, it's either "postmarketOS" or "pmOS", but not "PostMarketOS" lol.

Note that of course distributions will have to change their install methods, as right now most, including pmOS, just wipe the medium you're installing it on before installation. That shouldn't happen if you want to have 3 distros on your SD 😛

@bart one question: this would work for systemd-boot as well, right?

@bart @martijnbraam sounds amazing!
Is there a reason why you did not ping Mobian and ManjaroARM directly?

@silmathoron @martijnbraam I'm talking with them, just not on Mastodon. Behind the scenes stuff on Matrix 😉

@bart What is the process to get a device running this?

@justinz SPI flash is a hardware component, you can't "install" it through software

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