In this image: 3 different types of devices all running some form of and some form of :

- the laptop, a machine, running Alpine Linux with the latest Plasma Desktop
- the TV, a from , running with
- the smartphone, a , running with

Can't wait for my smartwatch next! 😜

@bart how good is the plasma big screen experience(kodi, browser, youtube)? Also can you operate it with a remote control or only with mouse/keyboard?


@apathetic_bystander You can control it with a remote control yes, but it's _very_ WIP and alpha yet. Lots of UI stuff to be worked out still, missing apps, etc. I wouldn't recommend it as a replacement for your average smart TV yet

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@bart thanks for the answer. It's kinda hard to find recent updates about the progress in the overall user experience

@apathetic_bystander Yeah, working on that lol. I've already revamped the website recently, and I should probably poke the main dev to put some progress updates on there

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