In this image: 3 different types of devices all running some form of and some form of :

- the laptop, a machine, running Alpine Linux with the latest Plasma Desktop
- the TV, a from , running with
- the smartphone, a , running with

Can't wait for my smartwatch next! 😜

@bart asteroidos is Qt based, so you can get pretty close!

@e8johan I know, my smartwatch actually runs AsteroidOS and I love it. I don't really have a need for KDE on my smartwatch because of it, I was just joking around 😉

@bart how good is the plasma big screen experience(kodi, browser, youtube)? Also can you operate it with a remote control or only with mouse/keyboard?

@apathetic_bystander You can control it with a remote control yes, but it's _very_ WIP and alpha yet. Lots of UI stuff to be worked out still, missing apps, etc. I wouldn't recommend it as a replacement for your average smart TV yet

@bart thanks for the answer. It's kinda hard to find recent updates about the progress in the overall user experience

@apathetic_bystander Yeah, working on that lol. I've already revamped the website recently, and I should probably poke the main dev to put some progress updates on there

@bart Very cool. I haven't looked at Plasma Big Screen in a while but last time I did, the project page only provided RPi images and little else by way of instruction.
Any particular guide you followed to get it running? I'd love to make a HTPC that runs Plasma Big Screen on an old NUC (x86).

@michael Well the project page only talked about the reference KDE Neon image. As you read in my toot, this runs pmOS instead. So, just follow the usual instructions for pmOS on the device you want to flash it on.

@7daq0 Oh no the TV is just a regular smart TV (sadly) running Android. The RockPro64 is just plugged in via a HDMI cable

So u cannat watch TV through this. But videos and so on work I guess. What are your uaecases?

@7daq0 The use-case is anything you would normally use Kodi for I suppose. Smart TV functions without having to rely on whatever systems comes on your TV.

You could watch TV through it using external TV receivers, there are USB ones available. But I'm not sure there is an app for it yet, I doubt it

For me the strangest in the photo is the laptop running alpine with a desktop environment :P

@dimitrisk @7daq0 What's strange about that? I've been using it for like 2 years now, my desktop runs it as well

Good to know! I mean... strange in the sense that I have never heard of people using alpine for desktop.

@dimitrisk Ha, well it happens 😉 I love it personally. A bit like Arch as in you have to setup your system manually from CLI but more minimal and lightweight, a lot is split out into subpackages so you can install just what you need. Also really easy to contribute too. And in my case I'm dogfooding my own KDE packaging of course

It's my daily driver since two years now, been running it on servers since a few years before that. Solid, stable, easy to grasp. PostmarketOS is a really cool derivative project I just haven't gotten around to try on a device myself yet.
@bart @7daq0

@bart Wow, this is beautiful. How much did you pay for this?

@alrad Uh, don't know tbh. I had the laptop for several years and it has been my daily driver since I got it. I suppose around €1300? The RockPro64 is a 2GB model which sells for $60 and the Librem 5 I got for free. The TV was refurbished so got it for €400 instead of the €700 it normally costs

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