In this picture from left to right: , , . Now I have all 3 of them, I might do a blog post to write down my initial thoughts between all of them

(yes I received a Librem 5 yesterday from someone that had it gathering dust, a day after receiving a PinePhone Pro. I feel so lucky!)

@bart can we get some "pinephone vs librem 5 vs pinephone pro" comparisons?
It's been a while since I've tried plasma mobile; might be nice to know if it's usable or still jerky.

@bart Purism develops a new phone compatible UI together with GNOME which makes the phone much more expensive compared to the PinePhone...
You install Plasma Mobile immediately... 😂😂
Have fun! I am looking forward to read your comparison!

@zwerg12 Well the fact that my money went to development of a GNOME based UI was the main reason I refunded my original kickstarter order: I don't want to use that. But hey if I can get the device for free, I don't mind 😉

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