Linux on Tegra grows!

On ASUS Transformer (TF101/201/300/600) tablets, the open-source U-Boot bootloader can now replace the closed-source "stock" one, thanks to work by Svyatoslav Ryhel (clamor-s/clamor95) #linux #opensource #nvidia

The porting mostly occurred in the "postmarketOS on Transformers" Telegram group, which you may join here:


@tuxdevices I'm saddened to see postmarketOS community members use Telegram for that. It's one of the projects core values to not use proprietary walled gardens like that and has proven itself to be a worthy alternative, but then our community goes out and do things like that 😢

If they need a separate chat from the regular mainline channel, we are happy to make an official one for it in the pmOS space

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@martijnbraam @bart actually true, my bad! (and agree with the telegram bit)

it's bridged to matrix here, or vice versa:

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