Working on a @librelingo app for #linuxmobile. It is made with QML, Python (PySide2) and Kirigami.

Code is here:

Not released a stable version yet, but I wonder about the packaging options for the app to be available in @ManjaroARM @postmarketOS , @Ubports, @mobian , etc.

Is there anything special that I should take care of (upstream) to facilitate packaging?

BTW, is there any PySide2 app packaged as #flatpak out there?


@dimitrisk @postmarketOS Nice! At least for , nothing special has to be done. All the deps you mentioned are available. Just make sure you have, sadly more and more Python projects are getting rid of that in favor of other options that do not work for distribution packaging

Thanks, that was really helpful! Tbh, I was also considering "other options" :)

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