I wrote a short blog post about the issues I faced when installing Kirigami apps in Phosh and how to solve them. It was ready for a while now but I delayed it so I could share my new Hugo website as well and here it is!

Website: gamey.tech/posts/plasma-mobile

LBRY: open.lbry.com/@gamey:c/kirigam

@gamey Interesting, you say you recommend using the Breeze theme for Kirigami applications. Do you however not want to use some Phosh-native theme instead? E.g. Adwaita? I believe it has a Qt equivalent

@bart @gamey Not gamey, but I am doing the same for the following reason: Icons. Adwaita does not have every icon Plasma Mobile uses or Breeze has, leading to unlabeled, hard to discover buttons.
Now I could go with Breeze icons and the Adwaita theme, but that just looks weird. Breeze GTK is a thing, but Breeze does not have all the icons Adwaita has, so that would lead to a similar problem. Therefore I just try to make Plasma apps look like they would on Plasma.


@linmob @gamey Sounds like both themes need some work then!

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