I wrote a short blog post about the issues I faced when installing Kirigami apps in Phosh and how to solve them. It was ready for a while now but I delayed it so I could share my new Hugo website as well and here it is!

Website: gamey.tech/posts/plasma-mobile

LBRY: open.lbry.com/@gamey:c/kirigam


@gamey Interesting, you say you recommend using the Breeze theme for Kirigami applications. Do you however not want to use some Phosh-native theme instead? E.g. Adwaita? I believe it has a Qt equivalent

@bart Beside of the fact that the integration never feels even close to native (at least according to my desktop experience) and at least in my opinion doesn't look specially good it also causes issues like missing icons so I tend to use Breeze.

@bart @gamey Not gamey, but I am doing the same for the following reason: Icons. Adwaita does not have every icon Plasma Mobile uses or Breeze has, leading to unlabeled, hard to discover buttons.
Now I could go with Breeze icons and the Adwaita theme, but that just looks weird. Breeze GTK is a thing, but Breeze does not have all the icons Adwaita has, so that would lead to a similar problem. Therefore I just try to make Plasma apps look like they would on Plasma.

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