Just building #Anki (github.com/ankitects/anki) from AUR on the #PinePhone again because of a question on Reddit. Thought this would be a quick thing, but they've reimplemented a bunch of things in #Rust.
At least I can update the Anki entry on #LINMOBapps/#LinuxPhoneApps afterwards.

@linmob Yeah, I tried to compile anki on musl once. It's a dumpster fire.

@tobtobxx @linmob Yepp, I gave up on getting the current version of #anki running on #postmarketos #musl. I changed to 2.1.15 which was the last version with a build system that I could at least remotely comprehend: pkgs.alpinelinux.org/package/e

@fraolt @tobtobxx Interesting. Just noticed that I am only building 2.1.35, not current. I noticed bazel as a dependency for the anki-git AUR package, glad I didn't try building that. :)

@linmob @tobtobxx oh noes! 😔 IIRC you'll have to compile the rspy library yourself. This took a really long time for me on the pinephone and ultimately failed (again on musl, so you might be better off with Arch/GNU). See here: github.com/ankitects/anki/blob

Note: We're not the only ones having trouble. Debian and NixOS are also still at 2.1.15. See here: github.com/ankitects/anki/issu

Nevertheless, if you feel up to the task, the Anki forums are a good place to get support.


@fraolt @linmob @tobtobxx I just looked into this a bit. Bazel as build system, yeah that is never going to appear in distro repositories. A shame, it would've been such a useful application otherwise.

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