3.14 is out! This is the release our next stable version of will be based on and for example includes and 5.22!

@bart I discovered I have one commit in this release :).

@bart I did an update for eXosip2, so I am guessing it was that. #AlpineLinux now has their own public #gitlab dev instance like #KDE does, I am just so glad they are off #github and run their own. This is possible for a very large project to do themselves.

@tychosoft Github has always been only a mirror really. They accepted pull requests there but the main development platform back then was the mailing list. I definitely love them for using rather than the proprietary and centralized though!

@bart and, like KDE, they setup their own, too. That alone made me drop github many years ago, that at least in theory you can recover your freedom if you need to without disruption, because you never really could while on github. But it is massively complex to run yourself. Gitea is really easy to setup and least by comparison.

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