Even with Covid-19, it's again in France ( Will people never learn? When your destination is in Europe, don't take the car and especially not the plane, take the train!

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@bart As much as I would normally recommend the train, it is currently about the worst thing to recommend. A pandemic death trap.

@Alexmitter Best currently is to not travel at all, or take the bike. But the current Black Saturday shows once again that people are not changing their habits, ever.

@bart Take the bike? If you take France as an example, then do you seriously recommend that people go from Paris to the south coast were they may have a vacation home per bike? That's just ridiculous, bikes are good for one day trips and nothing more, and I say this as a bike fan. People want to spend their vacation with vacation, not mainly riding a bike there and go on driving back the next day. Not saying anything about the bike lane apocalypse that would be caused.

@Alexmitter Note the "not travel at all" part of my comment. There is a pandemic, and the world has a climate crisis. If you can't travel by train, which you're right you shouldn't do at the moment, then don't travel at all for once. You can go again next year.

@bart Yea sorry, that's just ridiculous. Peoples well being is a nr. 1 interest as that is what matters, for many vacation is important. Using the Car is already a incredibly climate friendly means of transport for pandemic times. To tell people to just stuck it and get over their vacation is just ridiculous.
It is generally in our all interest that people have easy access to means of transport that is save in such times.
Sure, SaveThePlanet but not in a way that unreasonably restricts people.

@Alexmitter Well, no need to get irritated. You and I clearly think differently about what "unreasonable ristrictions" mean, and that's fine. No need to agree on everything

@Alexmitter @bart multi-day bike tours are not hard, they're fun! Suddenly your vacation is not only about the destination, but the journey as well.

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