Why is this even possible? Supporting standards is the way to go, not the other way around if Linux ever wants a user base in the Desktop world

@DylanVanAssche Funny thing is, he is using a XDG standard to figure out in what desktop the application is running so it can block out (ok, now just warn the user) GNOME

@bart wm4 is an idiot dickhead, but he's right about GNOME.

@sir In this case that doesn't really matter. You can have any opinion you want, you just don't have to be a dick about it. What wm4 here is doing is being a dick about it. Luckily later on he changed that specific block of code to only warn the user that MPV might not work correctly on those systems, but only after backlash

@bart I don't give GNOME any credit whatsoever, they're an active force for evil on Linux and I don't think they deserve being nice to

@sir Ah yeah you probably fight with them about Wayland extensions since you're developing wlroots. I can imagine you aren't happy with them. However, it's still not right to be such a dick about everything, as much as you might dislike something or someone

@bart GNOME is the Microsoft of Linux. If being nice doesn't work, then what other options do we have? They do not deserve our kindness.

@bart basically, you're telling people to be taken advantage of.

@sir @bart also dont forget all the times gnome did similar things their classic line “either you are a gnome program or not, what’s xfce?”

@sir @bart I'm just thinking from a community aspect really. Being rude tends to discourage people from contributing, even if they were not in the group you were intending to be rude to. As well, generally, being rude tends to take away from a point, rather than adding to it. Personally. I would rather calmly, rationally and politely explain my position in clear terms. Even if our position is rejected, we have a better chance for change this way.

@charims @bart imagine calmly, rationally, and politely explaining your position in clear terms over the course of 5 years with no change

@sir @bart When we start getting to that point, maybe its a good time to take a step back and focus on what really matters. Open source contributor is mostly a thankless job, sometimes we need to stop and take care of #1. Everything is going to hell, but we needn't ride along. We don't need to be an apologist or give up our ideals to treat others with compassion.
The real enemy is the proprietary anyway, this infighting doesn't help us at all.

@sir @bart but I do agree, I'm not much of a GNOME fan. They are a part of our community, and serve a very very big slice of the user base. I don't agree with many of their development decisions, but I can see why some people like it. For example: I prefer not to have my desktop environment running JavaScript, or storing config settings in databases.

@sir @bart You only feel so as Gnome is in the unfortunate position of being closely tied to XDG, making the standards and you seem not to like the outcome for whatever reason. The last time I talked with you, I thought you were just a really bad person but reading your blind hate towards gnome here, you have way more serious problems. To add something good, thank you for wlroots.

@sir @bart even if you don't like gnome, it takes literally zero effort to not make software refuse to start when it detects gnome. Why would a software developer put in effort to develop something that has absolutely no other effect than to make life hard for other people?

@vurpo @sir @bart it was a joke commit to make a point now it just gives the proper warning of things arent going to work right because of gnome

@bart wm4 is a enemy of the whole of FLOSS desktop community.

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