So the ext4 filesystem of my running my homeserver went corrupt and I'm now reinstalling it... 😒 Luckily the db was running on a different device, I have a backup of the Synapse media directory and the system itself was managed via Ansible.

This is not what I was planning on doing today...

@DylanVanAssche No clue whatsoever. I only noticed because I ssh'ed and Fish was spitting errors of being unable to access on of it's config files

@DylanVanAssche Don't know, don't think so anyway. It was running fine otherwise and I had a different PC running on the same power outlet with no problems.

@bart Did you run it on flash or on traditional HDDs? My experience with low-end flash media (especially microSD cards) is that f2fs is more reliable.

Often, when ext4 fails it's an issue with the underlying media and not the fs itself, so make sure you double-check that.

@kuleszdl On eMMC, so not an sdcard but not a traditional HDD either 😉

@bart My recommendation is still to go for f2fs in this case.

Not sure about the eMMC modules sold for these boards, but did you try checking its SMART logs for failures? Or have you identified a clear crash of the OS that seems likely to responsible for the ext4 issue?

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