Lately I've seen some incorrect statements and facts about Linux on mobile being thrown around, and I decided to write a blog post to give some more correct info. Please give it a read 😄

If you see any mistakes I've made, please correct me!

@bart Very nice post. I’ve noticed a few typos I will post here so that you can correct them if you desire.

“focussed” should be “focused”
“It uses it’s own QML components called Silica” should be “It uses its own QML components called Silica”
“SailfishOS uses it’s own UI” should be “SailfishOS uses its own UI”
Same “it’s” typo in the AsteroidOS section two times
Same typo under the list at the bottom next to AsteroidOS, AOSC, PureOS, and SailfishOS (“its” is possessive and “it’s” is short for “it is”)

@brad Thanks! As you have probably noticed, English is not my native language 😉 I did not realize the difference. I corrected them!

@bart It looks pretty good for it not being your first language. Some native speakers also make that mistake.

I notice there are still a couple instances of "focussed" in the "List of mobile distributions" section, by the way.

@bart Some notes: firstly a while ago I spoke to the Plasma Mobile team and there was not a consensus on whether Plasma Mobile was a distribution; some thought it was, others thought it wasn't. That may have changed. Secondly, I wouldn't describe "phosh" as a desktop environment; it's just a shell in the same way that GNOME Shell is just a shell and the DE is actually GNOME. Lastly, Nemo Mobile, as a distribution, stopped functioning a long time ago. The last Nemo image was released in 2014.

@rah Plasma Mobile is definitely just a DE with the distribution people are referring to being KDE Neon. No doubt about it, and the Plasma Mobile team agrees with this afaik. The main dev (Bhushan Shah) read my blog post and didn't mention it being wrong.

As for Phosh, I guess you're right. The difference between shell and DE isn't that big though imo.

Nemo Mobile as a distribution is still alive, although agreed it hasn't had new images in a long time. Their IRC/Matrix is still active though!

@bart excellent article, I really enjoyed it. Also I had no idea phosh is available on postmarketos! I'm definitely going to enjoy messing around with the desktop environments on it.

@bart Good write-up! I'm definitely guilty of being unclear about os/de, especially in the case of Plasma Mobile. But especially since the birth of Postmarket OS, this distinction is becoming more important.

Something i also see frequently is Ubuntu Touch being referred to by the name of the organization behind it (UBports) or some of the old names Canonical had for it (Ubuntu Phone, Ubuntu for Devices, Ubuntu Mobile). But you got it right :)

@bart Looking at the date, i realize that exactly that day i gave two talks at #36c3 where i was unclear about exactly this :D

Am i big-headed to assume that this post was written for me, or was it just a funny coincidence? ^^

@NeoTheThird Just a funny coincidence haha. I've actually written it in respond to someone/something else, but I won't mention it to prevent any fight from breaking out 😜

@bart Frankly, if I could get a working Linux phone with a decent camera and a QWERTY keyboard, I would be a very jolly sheep.

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