Yesterday I received my #Librem5 from @purism! Today I had fun with it, here are some photos:
- the default applications
- the Fractal @matrix client
- the Komikku webcomic reader
- the terminal application


@KekunPlazas @purism @matrix Oh, but I can do that too!

Yesterday I received my from @PINE64! Today I had fun with it and postmarketOS, here are some photos:
- the default applications
- the Fractal @matrix client

It's a glorious time for Linux on mobile!

agree! Would love to see your first impression of these devices.
@bart @KekunPlazas !

@bart @KekunPlazas @purism @matrix @PINE64 They're shipping? I pre-ordered but wasn't expecting anything until January.

@bamfic No this is a developer edition which I received as a developer for postmarketOS. Brave Heart is indeed shipping in January afaik.

@bart Have you used Ubuntu Touch before? If so, how do you compare postmarketOS to it?

@epifn I have but not on the PinePhone, only on a Nexus 5 and OnePlus One. Atm, Ubuntu Touch is more useful for end-users, but I personally don't really like it.

It's too far off a regular Linux distro, for example it has a read-only file system and you can't update with `apt-get`. Also, way too many apps are in fact Electron apps which I absolutely hate.

I prefer SailfishOS really, but that has the problem of being a proprietary hell.

@bart Well, to me Ubuntu Touch feels like a "real" smartphone OS, but I see that you prefer a regular Linux distro.
Anyway, it's pretty cool to see so many Linux options for the smartphone. Let's hope in a few years it will be a viable option for a daily driver.

@epifn Oh yeah everybody has it's preferences. I can definitely see the appeal of having a read-only file system and stuff, I just don't want it myself πŸ˜‰

The plan is to have it viable as a daily driver sooner than a few years though, hopefully somewhere next year even!

@bart @epifn Oh wow completely ruined Ubuntu touch and sailfish for me even as an end user, in a single toot.

@bart @KekunPlazas @purism @matrix @PINE64 amazing, so much work being done to finally get not one, but two Gnu/Linux based operating systems running on smartphones. What more could anyone ask for? :P

@bart @KekunPlazas @purism @matrix @PINE64 still flip-flopping on whether I want to go ahead and dive for the Braveheart edition of the pinephone or not...

@pea Honestly, most people should wait for the full release (which is probably somewhere in March). At least all hardware kinks will be worked out by then, and the software will be much further along.

@bart @KekunPlazas @purism @matrix @PINE64 wait it can run the Gnome desktop like the Librem 5? I'm not sure why I had it in my head it couldn't...that's really promising and boosts my interest in getting one of these

@efi Ok to be fair, that isn't installed by default, it's just what I install by default ;) It's nice to be able to use Vim when I SSH into my phone

@bart @KekunPlazas @purism @matrix @PINE64 does this have hardware buttons to disable cellular/bluetooth/wifi?

@maison_faim I can't tell for the PinePhone, but regarding the Librem 5 they are on the left side, and if they all are off it triggers a special mode where all sensors (motion, etc.) and the GPS are disabled too. @PINE64 @bart @purism @matrix

@KekunPlazas @PINE64 @bart @purism @matrix that's cool! Just making those buttons accessible will make sure that they are used.

@maison_faim @bart @KekunPlazas @purism @matrix

Yes, the switches are behind the back cover. You don't have to remove the battery though.

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