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#introduction This is the freshly-made Fediverse account for the Kasts podcast player.

Kasts is part of KDE Plasma Mobile but works equally well on desktop. It has a play queue and sleep timer, and supports sleep suspend, saving play positions and syncing them using the GPodder API (e.g. with AntennaPod).

It's available through distro packages or FlatHub.

PS: This account is administered by @mogwai.

#kde #plasmamobile

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This week's donation went to Clayton Craft. He is a core developer on the PostmarketOS project. He accepts donations through Liberapay.


PostmarketOS is a great distro for the Pinephone among other devices. It is based off of Alpine Linux and uses OpenRC instead of Systemd. It also is one of the few mobile distros that offer an actual installer for the Pinephone as well as full disk encryption.


#foss #linux #liberapay #postmarketos
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KDE's Plasma 5.26 Beta desktop is now out! Get an advance peek into what is to come in October, check for bugs 🪳, and help the devs polish the features and code!

Shown: Plasma Big Screen, Aura browser, and Plank Player


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#superd 0.7, the user service supervisor, is out now with more fixes and other goodies! thanks to everyone who reported issues and helped test things out.

Get it while it's still hot in #AlpineLinux edge.


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Since people kept asking: we have a merch site up now, where you can get sustainable, stylish piece of clothing featuring the postmarketOS logo in quite a few variations.

Also we put a link to the @pine64eu homepage there, the place to go if you want to buy a brand new #pinephone with postmarketOS pre-installed.


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New blog post - The Pinephone Pro, PostmarketOS, and Why Mainlining Phones is Important
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PSA: Current new mobian images don't have callaudiod installed leaving you breaking modem audio routing. Please `apt update` and `apt upgrade` to get it pulled in.

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A huge THANK YOU to all contributors working on projects helping out #MobileLinux.

The low level devs, hardware makers, issue testers, app coders and so many more.

It's a long road, and just like the early days of #DesktopLinux many are impatient, critical or can't imagine the success that one day is possible. The fact that you persevere and keep working to help our #privacy, soverignty, #DigitalRights and help keep technology under user control, inspires me daily.

You're *all* my heroes.

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@efoundation @shiftphones @postmarketOS

Update: It arrived! Yesterday, in fact. Went super fast.

My first impressions are good. I managed to get ShiftOS-L (Google-free, based on Android 10) and postmarketOS both installed at the same time so I can dual-boot. I also unlocked the bootloader and all this without voiding my guarantee.

Friggin epic!

Thanks to the #postmarketos wiki and matrix crowd for helping me figure things out. Look forward to playing more with this thing.

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Just dropped my phone for the 256th time and the glass finally cracked. Looks pretty bad, there are splinters coming out, etc.

Guess it's finally time to move on. I had a Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge which served me surprisingly well for five years (thanks to /e/ OS from @efoundation for the software support while it lasted).

Anyway, I just ordered a #SHIFT6mq from @shiftphones. Super excited! The recent @postmarketOS news definitely influenced my decision:


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hey hey, the SDM845 kernel fork in @postmarketOS just got upgraded to 5.19 😎

Finally adding speaker support for the 6T and enabling the OnePlus 6 notification LED! Let me know if you've given it a spin

More info here: gitlab.com/postmarketOS/pmapor

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@tuxdevices @shiftphones @Fairphone pleasantly surprised you mentioned the contributions to the software stack, one critical and overlooked aspects driving the level of polish of the end product.

This is something Linux on mobile enthusiasts should consider seriously, and require from manufacturers :)

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Some thoughts on #Pine64's approach to community-developed hardware products. Could have been shorter, but a bit of background was necessary

tuxphones.com/pine-formula/ #linux

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Have your say in our stock #wallpaper selection for #AsteroidOS 2.0!
Vote on your favourites, to get them shipped with 2.0: mosushi.de/misc/asteroidos/vot

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lmao @ManjaroLinux really can't help themselves but ship unmerged patches, this time they broke Chatty again by including 3 merge requests in Chatty on their STABLE branch! One of which is actually closed...


#linuxmobile #pinephone #dontshipwip

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