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Made a tool to speed up packaging simple things in Alpine sr.ht/~martijnbraam/createapor

Uses a bunch of heuristics to make a somewhat (or sometimes completely) valid APKBUILD given a repository url

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The @kde #PlasmaMobile team release the 21.07 update. It includes improvements to the overall performance of the environment; many new features in Kast, the podcast app; and stylistic tweaks to KClock, KRecorder, and KWeather, among many other things.


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osk-sdl will soon be able to show a better UI when a physical keyboard is connected, e.g. if running on a laptop or on a phone that is connected to a dock.

here's a quick demo of it on the #Librem5 with #postmarketOS!

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#osk-sdl 0.65 is out, and adds support for disabling the on-screen keyboard for devices with physical keyboards!


I'm working on some changes for #postmarketos
to automatically call osk-sdl appropriately when a keyboard is/isn't present.

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#postmarketOS release v21.06 is out! This one is based on #AlpineLinux 3.14 which was just released half a month ago - we're getting pretty good at tracking alpine releases now 🥳

Read all about it here:

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Hi all!
Just an heads up we moved our account from framapiaf.org to mastodon.social to make it easer to find and refer to in conversation.

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We've been listening to feedback that there are too many password prompts in the on-device installer and that the dedicated #SSH user is confusing.

New workflow:
* sshd always disabled
* confusing prompts removed
* follow steps in the wiki postmarketos.org/ssh to enable sshd and to disable password auth


Shout out to @mobian who is also using the on-device installer, contributed quite a few cool things and always had the dedicated SSH user dialog disabled 👋

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Ready for the new updates for #PlasmaMobile? @kde Plasma-for-your-Phone introduces the first steps towards multiple homescreens, timers for KClock, new podcast and Mastodon apps, and much, much more.


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Plasma 5.22 is here! KDE's desktop is more reliable, adaptable and fun than ever before. Revel in the adaptive transparency, find stuff easily with the global menu search and reach windows faster with the enhanced task manager features.


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#AsteroidOS Sync our #android client has a new version out on @fdroidorg : f-droid.org/en/packages/org.as

Version 0.20 brings:
- A completely new Bluetooth backend. This should fix most issues people had with the initial connection and constant repairing.

- We modularized and restructured the codebase to make the development of new functions easier.

- Improved translations

is getting better and better! Recently @CarlSchwan started making a client for it, from which I'm typing this post!

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The new version of KDE's @matrix chat app, Neochat is out! NeoChat 1.2 comes with bubbles, a better text input component, fancy effects, an easier way to switch between accounts and much more. Go check it out! carlschwan.eu/2021/06/01/neoch

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About time I join the party here on #mastodon. Or rather, after careful consideration of how much of a timesink this will be vs. the benefit of being able to do some not-directly-pmOS related toots, I decided this makes sense for me 😀

Ukraine getting most points from the viewers tonight at the Eurovision Song Contest made me lose hope in humanity...

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We're currently in process of moving or IRC rooms to OFTC, you might experience some chat disruptions. 🚚

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At 16:00 CEST @martijnbraam will demo #postmarketOS and our various interfaces on #AlpineConf, and at 16:30 CEST @proycon will demo SXMO!

Head on over to alpinelinux.org/conf and come watch!

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